The limit pushers

This is weird, isn’t it? Most of us live an entire lifetime without knowing where our foods grow, where our clothes are sewn and who sharpen our knives which we gently use to chop the veggies. It makes perfect sense to assume that these things came from nowhere and ended up on and around us to make lives easy. We have got the money;  the magic papers that rhyme perfectly with our demands. Our lives are perfect; with cold air and smooth roads to drive on for thousand miles. We manifest our limitless strength to change the society by grinding the mighty pens on paper; although we have no idea about how that society functions.


Every single thing that gives us the protective shade of a tree has a deep-running and widespread root system invisible to the unwilling eyes. Those roots are nourished by the sweat of millions of people whom we don’t want to meet in our everyday life. These people constantly push their limits as human beings to make enough space for the society to breathe. They embrace the filth of your sewers and burn in the same fire that shaped the steel of your stylish bicycle. They form the base of a pyramid, where a select few on the apex enjoy the lavishness of life.


This series is a meaningless tribute to them.

Image (10).jpgthe limit pushers-1.jpgthe limit pushers-10.jpgthe limit pushers-11.jpgthe limit pushers-12.jpgthe limit pushers-13.jpgthe limit pushers-14.jpgthe limit pushers-15.jpgthe limit pushers-16.jpgthe limit pushers-18.jpgthe limit pushers-2.jpgthe limit pushers-20.jpgthe limit pushers-21.jpgthe limit pushers-3.jpgthe limit pushers-4.jpgthe limit pushers-5.jpgthe limit pushers-6.jpgthe limit pushers-7.jpgthe limit pushers-8.jpg



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