In transit

They say we are all in a transit. We are waiting to be transferred to another world. A world no one has ever seen, a world we can only imagine about. Yet, we imagine a thousand good things. Things in return of our good deeds in a transit called Earth. We believe, a better place is waiting for us.


That imaginary world can be of thousand different types  though. To someone who never gets to eat good food or never gets to sleep under a roof, that world must be full of fulfilling foods and soft beds. To a man who has a soft bed and enough food to eat, that place must be the best vacation refuge he can ever imagine. To an autocrat, that place must be a bigger region to reign. With a hope for that amazing place, we go to sleep every night. All our sweet dreams comes from that dreamland, and all the nightmares originate from the Earth, a place we call our temporary home. We spend our days waiting for death and nights dreaming about a place that might never exist.


Moments, minutes and years. While we wait, precious time sleep through our fingers. When we notice, it is too late. And the train we wait for approaches closer than ever. Only we are now so unsure about what we have been waiting for.

In transit/ Mohammad Moniruzzaman

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