The chronicles of a brutal birth by Kishore Parekh

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A nine months of war translated into three million deaths and an ocean of tears. In the history of the wars that happened and continue to happen in the world, not a single one amounted to such a horrific damage to humanity in such a short time-span.

An unforgettable nine month that gave birth to a country named Bangladesh.

Kishore Parekh was a legendary Indian photojournalist, an idol to numerous budding journalists now a days. The most notable body of work that Kishore produced was on the 1971 liberation war of Bangladesh. The pain and hopelessness in the eyes of the victims and refugees. The determination in the eyes of the young freedom fighters and the helping hands of the allied Indian soldiers. The undignified, insulted corpses of the dead lying on the streets of a country under oppression. The shame and tears of raped mothers and sisters of Bangladesh.

Speaking about the photographs;  Kishore has an amazing capacity of story telling through his works. In his images the perspective and the moment work together in a perfect mix. Consider the image of a little girl sadly looking at a corpse on the street, you will feel that you were also standing right at that scene, witnessing the rape of a nation.


(c) Kishore Parekh


Or look at this, my favorite image from Kishore’s very personal angle where freedom fighters are on action, while a random army boot on the road works to transform us in time. It makes me feel that I was right inside the heart of the war.

(c) Kishore Parekh

(c) Kishore Parekh

These works are precious which chronicle the 1971 liberation war without any dramatization or any absurd claim. These are the images of what happened.

And what happened is never to be forgotten. Never to be forgiven.

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